Info Graphic Design

Infographics and infographics design have become a standard visual form used in content in a wide range of niches. In fact, you have probably seen one in an office, classroom and all over the internet.

Infographics (information + graphics) are a package of information that has been embedded in sleek graphics. When articulately designed, infographics are capable of communicating information in a highly visual yet condensed form. Unfortunately very few designers have the skill set to produce quality infographics because of lack of knowledge of the best practices for infographics design and also insufficient practice.

Unwritten Rules for Good Infographics Design

Infographics have received some creative facelifts over the years and the design trends have tremendously evolved. Great infographics today will have a combination of multiple data visualization with the ability to powerfully distribute a huge chunk of information. Great infographics designs made by our custom logo design company can be the main determinant of whether you will have an increase in the numbers of customers or if you will lose your customers. The following are three untold rules that we use at our reputed web development company Florida for excellent infographics design.

  • 1. Say it in a picture, not in words

One rule that stays true to infographics design is to show and not to tell. The creative infographics designers at Youwebstudio ecommerce website development company are capable of compiling all information that is needed and communicating it into a one visually stimulating and cohesive infographics. It is easier for a person to process information that has been laid out in bar graphs and charts as opposed to wordy explanations. Our secret is to ensure that data visualization is achieved by having a good combination of pictures and context.

  • 2. Infographics is not about laying down standard graphs and charts

Most newbie infographics designers imagine that infographics is all about creating colorful bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts; but these are things that normally a client will not hire a specialized infographics designer for. Some people may argue that not all data can be represented in unique and creative graphs; which is true. Nonetheless the aesthetics of the way you display that traditional graph is what creates the difference, which Youwebstudio custom logo design company understands well.

  • 3. Find a story

Although infographics may appear to be a cluster of statistics, charts and graphs that have been designed to look attractive, these are of no purpose if they’re unable to communicate a message. At our custom logo design company, we have veteran infographics designers. But they will normally also take time to think of a narrative before beginning to design an infographics. The story is mostly something that can be summarized in the limited space that infographics offer.

Bottom line

Humans are visual beings. Of any information that is given, Youwebs custom logo design company the ability to remember only about 20% of the information presented on text, with some understanding a slightly lesser percentage and others a greater percentage. This is why the customers who we have designed infographics for realize as much as a 12% increase in traffic amounts within a week of launching the infographics. With our custom website design service USA, we also ensure that our infographics are entertaining and educating, and they are made not just for merely for promoting a concept or product.

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